HostGator Coupon Codes and Review 2014


Offer : Get 25% OFF First Three Years


Offer:  Get  First Month Hosting at $0.01




Offer:  $24.94 Discount on  Reseller Hosting


How to avail these coupon codes?

Step 1- The most important aspect to get a valid hostgator coupon code is to sign in to the website. Visit the official company website.


Step 2- click on the various plans provided by the site. Choose the opposite plan that meets provided in the drop box.


Step 3- It’s interesting to find that hostgator wizard box provides many options. Pick the right domain for yourself and get started.


Step 4- Enter a useful domain name. Enter user name and security pin for the hostgator account signup.


Step 5- Enter the billing details using your net banking, credit card, or debit card details. The name of the company, address and other details are mandatory for the server to move further.


Step 6 – Slide down and you will see discount coupons ribbons. Copy or memories these code. Put it in the hostgator coupon code box. Create an account after checking the terms and conditions.


Step 7- After successful all six steps, you will find that you have to pay only $0.001 on your first month. This is great news.

There is latest version of hostgator coupons designed for the month of October. Avail various discount offers, promo codes before they get expired. Hostgator coupons are the most effortless options for many organizations willing to host their business in web world.

About hostgator

The company, HostGator, has been in play for nearly a decade now, having been founded back in 2002 and has grown its initial inception within a dorm room at a university in Texas into one of the busiest and most successful web hosting services providers in the world. The company experiences just a little over 1 % of the total internet traffic around the globe through its 12,000 servers, catering to the needs of over 400,000 customers and providing top notch quality service.

The company is so successful in fact, it caters to a fairly large number of Fortune 500 corporations, in addition to many famous and acclaimed individuals who utilize the company’s services and are spread in over 200 different countries across the globe. The company services over 400,000 customers and continues to experience one of the most rapid growth rates for any private enterprise anywhere in the U.S. This is due to the many distinguishing feature which make HostGator the success story it is, namely, their dedication to supplying and providing the best possible service there is.

The company has been the recipient of various awards and recognitions in later years, being accredited plenty of both by various major IT and business publications in addition to many awards coming from online review boards where customers unanimously voted HostGator as the best of the best. Expansions which occurred in 2007 and witnessed massive overhaul of machinery, services, employees and products has propelled the company even further up the pedestal; rightfully claiming its throne as the number one web hosting services provider in USA.

HostGator Services Reliability

You want reliability? Well HostGator has plenty of that to offer and much more in order to reassure their customers they’ve made the right choice signing up with the company as their services provider.

For starters, you’ve got the relentless and never ending 24/7 monitoring of all services, processes and networking activities on the premises of the company which utilize advanced detection software as well as the most advanced machinery in keeping all servers running with zero downtime and the ability to detect even the slightest hiccups in the system before they evolve into something far more sinister.

Their statistics are also a matter of great debate and controversy as surveys held by the company itself show that over 90 % of its total customer base praise the level of services, products and support they receive from HostGator as their web hosting services provider. If having 400,000 people speak in favor of your corporation and services isn’t enough, then perhaps the simple fact that over 1 % of total internet traffic, or up to 5 million domains, runs through the company’s severs; a huge indicator of reliability.

What do hostgator guarantee?

The company offers plenty of guarantees which stand behind its name and reputation as a solid reminder of its ability to serve with excellence and dedication and a clear ability to put their money where their mouth is.

The “Money-back guarantee” is possibly one of the best guarantees in the company, offering complete unreduced refunds for up to 90 days from the start of the service once the customer files an official complaint which registers dissatisfaction with services in any manner. The company performs the refund policy as per the Terms of Agreement to ensure customer satisfaction.

Another guarantee includes the uninterrupted and ongoing network and services monitoring which occurs at a 24/7 basis and is directed at ensuring that all machinery and software remain intact and with no problems, ensuring that any problems which do occur are found and dealt with on the spot to ensure no customer dissatisfaction of any kind or any downtime or interruption of services.

24/7 Support 

The support network at HostGator is a force to be reckoned with and has been rated as one of the most efficient support networks of any business and has received many awards and much acclaim over the years.

What makes the support network at HostGator so unique is their ability to hand pick the very best of the best, bringing in the most qualified and experienced individuals, subjecting them to rigorous training, unrelenting testing and ongoing monitoring to ensure that the customers of the company receive the aid of only those who are qualified to assist. The customer support network is operational on a 24/7 basis and is never cut off, ensuring that the clients will find aid whenever they need information about Up time, hostgator coupons etc . The customer support at HostGator can be contacted in a variety of ways, including e-mail exchanges, toll-free hotline as well as online live chat available on the company website as well as being integrated onto the control panel.

Customer support maintains the bridge of communication between the clients and the company; it is in fact so efficient, that there seems to be little need to ever call them in person. On the company website, the support network has posted various tutorials, user guides and other helpful tips on dealing with the most common problems or inconveniences which were amassed during the years and compiled a list of some of the best “DYI aids” which customers use every day to fix mundane and causal problems relating to services and products without the need to actually get in touch with the company’s customer support network.


HostGator Services Features

  • Up to 90 day money-back guarantee.
  • Free domain name
  • One click install softwares.
  • Unlimited Addon domains
  • unlimited emails accounts
  • 24/7 support
  • 99.99% up uptime
  • 1 cent hostgator coupon code

HostGator Services Control Panel

The control panel which HostGator uses has been one of the main reasons behind their success for many years. The company has designed one of the most innovative and revolutionary tools of our age, more than capable of capturing the very essence of its user to create a web page which mirrors their personality or brand.

The control panel can be utilized in a variety of ways and is programmed to perform numerous functions and actions; all relating to web hosting. The tool is used by both amateurs and web designing professionals alike for the creation, enhancement, management and operation of several aspects relating to web hosting. The tool, in some ways, gives its user unrestrained control over all aspects relating to website design and operation, allowing them to control it and create their own personal wonder.

What makes this tool especially invaluable is its ability to integrate several finance-related add-ons and upgrades on business oriented websites which include Shopping Cart add-ons as well as PayPal integration to facilitate online payments.



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